15 Secret Questions He’s Asking Himself Before He Makes You His Girlfriend

7. “Am I Ready To Be Exclusive?”

Is he ready to give up dating other people? Making you his girlfriend means not making any other girl his girlfriend. So if he has some prospects in mind, he might not be ready to be exclusive. If your guy is still dating other people or swiping away on Tinder, that means he’s still interested in what else is out there. Early in your dating life, this is totally fine. But if he wants to make things official with you and only you, he should be ready to put everyone else aside. So before he makes you his girlfriend, he needs to make sure he can be exclusive to just you. He needs to break things off with anyone else he is seeing. He needs to delete his Tinder profile. And he needs to envision his life with only you in it from here on out.

6. “Will My Mom Like Her?”

Even the most macho man cares what his mom thinks. And if he wants you in his life as a serious girlfriend, he’s going to want his mom to like you. If he’s close with his mom, this is a necessity. But even if he only sees his mom for the holidays, he still cares about her opinion. Moms are important. They hold a lot of power in a man’s life. Those sheets you sleep on when you stay over at his house? Yeah, his mom probably bought those for him. The fact that he’s able to do a load of laundry – you can thank his mom! So your guy is going to want to make sure that you get the mom stamp of approval. If he’s confident he could bring you home and you’d make a good impression, that’s another point in your box for becoming a girlfriend.

5. “Does She Like Me Enough?”

Guys are terrified of rejection. So before he asks you to be his girlfriend, he definitely wants to make sure you’re going to say yes. He’ll be crushed if he works up the courage to ask and you turn him down. He’s not going into this thing until he knows you are 100% for sure, no doubt about it, absolutely saying yes to being his girlfriend. He may wait until you’ve gone on so many dates you just assume that you’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend. If you think your guy is wrestling with this question, let him know how you feel. Tell him that you really like him. Make it obvious that you are interested in a relationship. Assure him that there is no one else in the picture. And if you’re feeling up to it, ask him to be your boyfriend. There’s no rule that you have to wait.

4. “Am I Over My Ex?”

Not every man is going to be introspective enough to check in and make sure that he’s emotionally over his ex-girlfriend and ready to move on. But if he’s always thinking about his ex, bringing her up or trying to run into her, he’ll probably figure out that he’s not over her yet. Sadly, this question doesn’t have anything to do with you. So there’s nothing you can do or say that will make him get over his ex if he’s still got lingering feelings. It’s all about the timing. If he’s fresh out of a break up and you can tell he’s still pining after her, that’s not someone you want to be with anyway. You don’t want to be worried about him going back to her. Move on!

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