15 Facts That Prove Introverts Actually Have More Successful Relationships Than Extroverts

3. They’ll Tell You What They Need

…Sometimes. Unfortunately, this is the one point that introverts can easily miss. While some are able to articulate their needs well (usually ones who are used to dealing with less-introverted folks), others are not so adept at articulation.

Those that have mastered this skill have the best chance of having the most successful relationships.

For introverts that are still figuring this out? Dembling, an introvert expert, offers some advice: “you can either have a heart-to-heart on the matter… Or come up with a phrase to pop in every time you feel steamrolled… In time, the two of you will train each other”. Training might seem a little direct, but it’s true! If you can’t communicate what you need to your partner, you’re going to be dissatisfied in the long run.

2. Their Thorough Curiosity Extends To All Your Fun Couples’ Activities

Remember when we talked about introverts loving questions and listening, rather than thinking out loud? Let’s extend that thinking to again encompass yet another area of the relationship. Intimate connection is made better by a deep, honest curiosity. You’ll learn a lot from your partner by listening to their body language and being able to see when things are working or not. Introverts, who maybe aren’t the most outgoing or outspoken people, are some of the most genuine people. They’re curious about everything and love the fact that they’re able to get to know people on a deeply personal level. You’ll never be bored with an introvert, and can trust that they’ll be focused on you when it comes time to jump into some physical fun.

1. Introverts Prefer Deep Conversations To Small Talk

Finally… The thing we all know and love about introverts. We’ve said it before and we’ll see it again. In all of our references, it’s stated that introverts hate small talk, and instead love the one-track, deep conversations that get right to the heart of things. At the end of the day, this is all it takes to have a successful relationship.

Dembling says “introversion and extroversion are of equal value. One is no better than the other; they’re just different. Once you recognize the differences, respect them in yourself and your partner.”

It’s true. You just have to respect each other, and especially each other’s conversation styles. Respect the fact that an introvert would rather talk about your childhood than what you ate for lunch. Introverts might not be better or worse, but they certainly know a few things about successful relationships.

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