15 Facts That Prove Introverts Actually Have More Successful Relationships Than Extroverts

5. They Cultivate Only A Handful Of Intimate Relationships

Working off of the same quote that’s above, we’re also able to establish that it isn’t fair to call an introvert closed-off. It’s quite the opposite, actually! Introverts are really able “to let themselves go”, as Dembling said, through intimate conversations.

However, because a lot of talks can be overwhelming for an introvert, they cultivate only a small handful of intimate relationships.

They like the feeling of getting to know someone well and having someone get to know them well. It’s intimate, meaningful, and is an absolute contributing factor to success in their relationships. The more you build that mutual trust with people, the more you’re able to understand that it’s the only way to have a truly meaningful relationship. The introverts know that. Maybe it’s time for us to learn too, huh?

4. They Continuously Work On Things (Like The Relationship!)

“Introverts can tolerate—and enjoy—projects that require long stretches of solitary activity,” says the article Revenge of the Introverts. When we’re thinking about relationships, this is an excellent thing to keep in mind! The introvert will be happy to keep working on a relationship no matter what happens. While some folks might find the stress of constantly working on a relationship too much to handle, the introvert will jump into it with gusto. They love the idea of working on a project for a long period of time, and even though a relationship isn’t a “solitary activity”, it’s still a big project. When both partners are willing to put that type of work in, that’s when the relationship will truly be successful. With an introvert setting the bar that high, you know it’s bound to happen!

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