15 Facts That Prove Introverts Actually Have More Successful Relationships Than Extroverts

7. Introverts Tend To Plan Their Romantic Expression

Due to the fact that introverts like to process internally and plan what they want to say, we’re able to extrapolate that the same train of thought-to-expression can be applied to their actions in a relationship. In the same way that introverts take a little more time to process their thoughts than their extroverted counterparts, they plan their actions more carefully too. This is a huge benefit in romantic relationships. They know that because they’re not big fans of spontaneous adventures or all-of-a-sudden romantic plans, they need to invest some energy into planning. This lets their partner know that things are going well, and they’re devoted to the relationship while keeping their introvert sensibilities comfortable and happy. And we all know that a happy relationship is also known as a successful relationship!

6. You Know They’re Genuine When They Let You Inside Their Head

Dembling, offering more of her experiences and speculations on what’s important to an introvert in a relationship says, “introverts withhold a lot every day, but then need deep, intimate conversations to let themselves go.” We’re inclined to agree and think that this is a key component to why introverts can have meaningful relationships with people.

Due to the fact that an introvert’s typical state is to withhold information, it’s important to understand that it’s a really big deal when they let you in their head.

It means you’re important to them, and that you get to have some private knowledge about when they really are. This is huge in a relationship and shows that your introverted partner values you. Valuing their partners means an introvert is likely to have more successful relationships, as they’re not taking their partner for granted.

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