15 Facts That Prove Introverts Actually Have More Successful Relationships Than Extroverts

9. Communicating With Partners Doesn’t Mean Overwhelming Them, And The Introvert Knows That

We’re going back to the talking point again, but only because it really matters in relationships. We’ve established that introverts aren’t the type to think out loud. While they’re quick-witted and intelligent, it usually comes up in the hours after thinking about the conversation, rather than during the conversation itself. This is actually beneficial in a relationship. Not only does this help keep arguments at bay, as we discussed in the last post, but it also means that an introvert is able to gauge their partner’s responses. Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD, says to introverts “although you don’t particularly like it when others invade your personal boundaries, you’re also not likely to invade the boundaries of others.” Knowing when to push your partner and when to ease off makes a huge difference in your relationship. The introverts have that balance down.

8. They Just Really, Really Want To Get To Know You

One of the biggest things that makes a relationship work is feeling passionate about the other person in the relationship. You’ll never have a successful romance if you’re not interested in your partner. Due to the introvert’s conversational style, as discussed in this fantastic article, we know that an introvert listens more than they talk.

They’ll ask questions and hope that you’ll ask them questions too.

Dembling reminds us that introverts, “don’t need [equal talking time]. What we do want, however, is to feel like we got to talk about ourselves and our world, and that we were heard and understood.” You know that if this is the end goal, introverts will offer their partners the same respect. This makes the relationship much more meaningful than the average one.

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