15 Facts That Prove Introverts Actually Have More Successful Relationships Than Extroverts

11. Introverts Consciously Prioritize The Relationship

Sophia Dembling, recounting her own experiences as an introvert (and writer for Psychology Today) discusses prioritization of relationships: “I… understand my own social needs and take responsibility for getting them met. That means reaching out to people when I want company, instead of waiting for others to make the first move.” She suggests that all introverts need to take responsibility for their relationships, which most of them do.

Introverts tend to invest in a few people rather than being a general social butterfly.

This means that they prioritize those few people, instead of continuously running into them at parties (and building a relationship that way). Prioritizing your romantic partner should be something we all do. It makes your partner feel loved, and like the relationship matters. Introverts knew this already, which is why their relationships tend to work out well.

10. It’s Hard To Battle With Introverts (Which Means A Lovely Lack Of Arguments)

There are so many references out there that talk about an introvert’s processing style, and we know that we’ve talked a lot about a few different references in this article already. It’s really the most unique feature of the introvert and impacts their relationships hugely. In this case, it connects directly to the way an introvert has arguments with their partner. Most introverts don’t tend to argue all that much because they’re not comfortable with the speed at which they’re required to argue.

Because of the fact that they like to think about things before they say them, you’ll find that arguments turn into discussions.

This reflective thinking ensures that introverts are understanding their partner’s side of the argument, making them able to communicate more effectively… Thus making the relationship more successful.

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