15 Baby Steps to Flirt With a Shy Guy and Get Him to Open Up To You

#9 Smile a LOT. Smiling warms anyone up. It doesn’t matter how shy someone is, if you smile at them often, they’ll feel as though they can talk to you and be your friend. Therefore, smile at the guy you like a lot in order for him to see that you’re just being kind and friendly.

#10 Subtlety is key. If your flirting is really obvious, he’ll probably get nervous about it and not know what to do. You have to flirt in a way that makes him feel like you’re just trying to be friendly until he goes home and realizes that you were TOTALLY flirting with him.

#11 Don’t make him the center of the flirting. If you focus all your attention on him when you’re flirting, he’ll basically go red and hide himself from you every time. They don’t like to be the center of attention, so in order to know how to flirt with a shy guy, try to talk about other things while giving flirting hints.

#12 Be mindful of his body language. You have to be a master at reading body language when it comes to flirting with shy guys. You have to be able to tell if he’s responding to your flirtations or if he’s shying away from you even more.

To do this, notice the way he’s facing when he’s talking to you. If he’s aimed toward you, he’s open to your advances. But if he starts turning away, it’s game over.

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