15 Baby Steps to Flirt With a Shy Guy and Get Him to Open Up To You

If you’ve ever tried to get to know a shy guy, then you know how hard it can be. This is how to flirt with a shy guy and finally get him to open up.

When it comes to who we like, we really have no control over it. Our bodies and minds decide who they like to look at and talk to, and we just kind of have to roll with it whether we want to or not. This can make things frustrating when it decides to fancy a shy guy, because you don’t want to scare him off. Wondering how to flirt with a shy guy? Well, we’ll get there soon enough.

Not that shy guys are necessarily bad, but they are a lot more difficult to get to know and even flirt with. Since they don’t really talk to you or even look in your direction, asking them about their life and finding out about their deepest desires is a struggle that isn’t easy to overcome.

Why shy guys are actually the best

You may avoid going for guys who are shy simply because they’re a little bit harder to get to know. However, you should keep in mind that if you do pursue a shy guy, you won’t be sorry at all. Turns out, they usually have the BEST personalities.

Not only that, but shy guys are usually the nicest and sweetest boyfriends. Because he’s more reserved, he won’t feel that it is necessary to go out and flirt with a bunch of other girls. Since he’s shy, you know he’ll have to like you an awful lot to open up to you, so you’ll know he really likes you.

How to flirt with a shy guy and get him to open up

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