13 Women Reveal The Relationships That Made Them Wonder WTF They Were Actually Thinking

They just didn’t make sense.

My last long term relationship. We just didn’t make sense and I actively cringe at the fact I used to be sεχually attracted to him. Meh, young mistakes I guess. Live and learn.


He was an old dude trapped in a young dude’s body.

Guy was in his 20’s but had hobbies of an old guy. He wanted to spend our evenings watching CNN or old classic movies. He made me feel so stupid and insisted I learn basic mathematical equations so I could understand what he was writing his thesis about. I am smart, but I don’t know advanced math. He hated social outings and preferred oldies music. I wish him well, but I realized I was trying to conform to fit his idea of the perfect girlfriend.


The bright side of all of these treacherous stories? The women telling them made it to the point that they could see them for what they really were.

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