13 Women Reveal The Relationships That Made Them Wonder WTF They Were Actually Thinking

He was a rude liar.

The guy I dated before my current boyfriend.

I met him in high school, he dumped me for a close friend, and I gave him another chance eight years later because he was hot and I was fresh out of another breakup. He was a liar, very abrasive, and barely cared for my feelings or well-being. For a few months I was constantly walking on eggshells trying to bend myself this way and that, believing that he would treat me as nicely as he did the first few weeks we started dating. He yelled, was constantly too busy for me, called me naive and demanding when I said I expected more than the bare minimum he was doing to keep me there.

The whole relationship was definitely a “what the f*ck was I thinking” moment for me. Funny thing is it was him dumping me in high school that taught me how to get over people… and so I did, again. At the end of it I was MUCH angrier at myself than at him. Fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me, you know? I got burned twice and it was definitely my fault for thinking he had changed.


He was emotionally abusive.

Stayed with a dude for over a year who made me so f*cking miserable. The tiniest thing could blow up into a huuuge fight. He’d cry, he’d scream, throw stuff and expect me to comfort him after insulting me for a hour infront of my friends. Such a damn sh*t show.


He went by “Benny the Snake.” Enough said.

A guy named Benny “the snake”. Everyone told me not to but I did anyways. Thank god I didn’t catch anything from him and he was a lousy lay, regardless of how many people he slept with, he only cared about his own pleasure. Glad I got it out of my system!


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