13 Women Reveal The Relationships That Made Them Wonder WTF They Were Actually Thinking

He was rude.

The first time I took him home to meet my family, my dad asked him to give him a hand carrying some stuff in from the garage for the party my parents were hosting. He told my dad, “No thank you. I came for a party, not to work.”

He then managed to blow a whistle with his nose at said party, which didn’t go over so well.


He spent WAY too much alone-time with his ex.

He was best friends with his ex….which included him going to her house for dinner once a week and watching movies. I was not invited. Just trying to you know, be the cool girlfriend…. :/


He was mean-spirited.

My first husband. He was funny but in a mean way. Always putting people down & he would be the loudest person laughing at his own jokes. He pursued me relentlessly & even walking down the aisle I was nervously shaking, thinking wtf am I doing?! 11 years & 2 kids later I got out. Our daughters are my pride and joy and two wonderful human beings. They are both adults with their own children and we have had a lot of laughs over the years about ‘what I was thinking’.


He was excessively cheap.

Yup, last ex.

Naive 21 year old me thought he was intelligent, worldly, mature, witty, and generous. 3 years later, he was pedantic, close-minded, jealous, immature, cringey, and a huge penny pincher that wouldn’t even buy furniture for his apartment.

Breaking up with him was like having a boulder lifted off my chest. In hindsight, I don’t know HOW on earth I put up with his bullsh*t for 3 years.


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