13 Women Reveal The Relationships That Made Them Wonder WTF They Were Actually Thinking

It’s funny how hindsight makes everything much clearer, especially when it comes to our romantic lives. You could be totally miserable with your partner and not even realize how awful it truly is until after it’s over. In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, real ladies were honest about experiencing this very phenomenon. These true stories about relationships that women regret might teach you a thing or two about your own relationships. Check them out below.

She constantly had to apologize on his behalf.

I dated a guy who I had to apologize for in social situations a lot. For three years. Should have dumped his *ss as soon as I noticed that issue.


They had nothing in common.

I dated a guy who was perfectly nice & treated me well but from our very first date we would sit in uncomfortable silence for long stretches of time and really had no common interests to talk about.

It took me a while to realize that waiting to find someone you’re more compatible with is better than settling for someone because you’re scared of being alone or being treated badly.


She thought she could change him.

A guy who had no job, no passions and going nowhere in life and had the nerve to break up with me because “I was going places and he was not”. This is what happens when you’re young, naive and think you can change him.


He legitimately thought he was a vampire.

Dated a guy who honestly thought he was a vampire.


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