12 Signs You Were the One Who Poisoned the Relationship

6. People had tried to talk to you about the way you treat your partner.

If people feel like they have to step in out of fear for your partner’s safety or well-being, chances are very high that it’s because you’re abusive. Most of the time, people don’t butt in like that without being seriously worried about how you’re treating that person.

Take a good look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Would you have accepted the treatment you dished out to your partner?

7. You would pick fights with your partner for little reasons.

Just because you wanted control, attention, or to make them feel like they can’t leave. Some people have a habit of doing this as a way to establish that they are “dominant” in a relationship. If you’re doing this, you shouldn’t be shocked that the overall effect killed your partner’s attraction to you.

8. You criticized your partner a lot.

Some healthy criticism is good, especially when it’s something that could end up causing resentment. However, if you regularly make a point to tell your partner all their little flaws, they probably have grown to resent you. Once you’ve made them resent you, the relationship is usually broken beyond repair.

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