12 Signs You Were the One Who Poisoned the Relationship

When a relationship dies, it dies for one of two reasons: It either dies because both partners grew apart, or because one partner no longer finds the relationship rewarding.

If your partner dumped you, it’s not always your fault. But, in many cases, it could be. If you notice these relationship mistakes, then it’s pretty clear that the reason why you’re now single is you.

1. Your partner used to bring up the same handful of issues in the relationship but stopped.

When your partner keeps bringing up relationship issues, they’re doing so because they aren’t happy. If you never made an effort to solve the problems they broached, it’s no wonder they left. You didn’t take their feelings and needs seriously until they were gone.

2. You cheated.

It doesn’t matter what you think made you do it, if you cheated, the breakup is all your fault. End of story.

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