11 Weird Beauty Hacks To Create Cheaper And Faster Makeup You’d Better Forget About

6. Beetroot instead of blusher.

The tip: Cut the beetroot in half, and apply to your slightly wet cheeks.

The result: You have a certain kind of blush, of course, but it’s too red and bright. Besides, it is almost impossible to remove beetroot stains from your face.

Conclusion: The tip works but not as expected. You should not try this.

5. You can simply and quickly create a scrub with shaving foam.

The tip: Mix shaving foam with a spoonful of sugar. Then apply the mixture to the skin, and rub it. Make the layer thick.

The result: This scrub is almost ineffective. You will also have to waste practically the entire foam tube. It’s cheaper and more effective to buy and use an ordinary scrub.

Conclusion: The tip doesn’t work, but you look rather funny!

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