11 Weird Beauty Hacks To Create Cheaper And Faster Makeup You’d Better Forget About

8. Use a fork for straight and symmetrical nose contouring.

The tip: In order for the nose contouring lines to be straight and symmetrical, use a fork. Its size is perfect for separating the ridge area from the wings. Draw the necessary lines, and shade them.

The result: The lines are really awesome, but make sure your nose doesn’t end up too pale.

Conclusion: We can say the tip works, but it’s still more convenient to do the same thing in the usual way.

7. Use simple colored pencils as eyeliners.

The tip: You need to put the pencils into hot water for some time. When they are soft, you can draw any eyeliner you want.

The result: The makeup is quite bright and colorful, and the line is easily drawn. But as soon as the makeup is dry, it falls into pieces.

Conclusion: The hack doesn’t work.

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