11 Weird Beauty Hacks To Create Cheaper And Faster Makeup You’d Better Forget About

10. Lipstick helps to conceal dark circles under the eyes.

The tip: To conceal your “black eye,” you should apply bits of lipstick to the skin under your eyes and shade it with a base.

The result: The shadows are gone, but red stains remain. Now you look like a kabuki theatre actor!

Conclusion: You can use the tip only if you are really a theatre actor and you need good face paint.

9. It is possible to create good flicks with the help of a thread.

The tip: Take a thin thread, and apply some mascara to it. Then touch the thread to the eyelid. This way you can draw a straight flick.

The result: The tip is not trustworthy. The flicks are not straight, and they are different in size.

Conclusion: This hack doesn’t work.

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