11 Most Recommended Ways On How To Lose Belly Fat Fast After Menopause

After menopause, all women try hard to return in the shape. During menopause women lose estrogen, they gain fat and cannot regulate their weight. Slim women also face up with the same issue. As the levels of estrogen lower, they gain weight, too.

Nevertheless, men face up the same problem, even though their issue is known as ‘beer belly’. Unlike women, the levels of testosterone in men lower, and they gain weight, particularly in the stomach.

It is necessary to lose fat in order to be healthy. In addition, it might also lead to myocardial infractions, diabetes, inflammatory issues and high levels of cholesterol.


Diets and regular workouts have proven as inefficient in burning stomach fat. Moreover, it is more likely that women will lose weight more often than men. When the levels of estrogen decrease, the fat from the all parts of the body moves to the stomach.

However, the decrease of testosterone in men leads to weight gain. Moreover, stress is another contributor to weight gain. Studies have also shown that cortisol secretion is related to weight gain and stress.

Some factors, which contribute to weight gain after menopause include:

  • Increased resistance to insulin: As women get older, they become resistant to insulin, which makes losing weight hard.
  • Poor sleep quality: During menopause women experience sleeping difficulties and poor sleep quality is related to weight gain.
  • Loss of muscle mass: As we get older, we face decreased physical activity and hormonal changes, which lead to muscle mass loss.
  • Hormone imbalances: Increased and decreased levels of estrogen lead to high fat storage in the stomach. This in turn increases the risk of heart diseases, diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome.

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