11 Genius Ways to Hit on Men in Public, No. #6 Will Be Your New Go-to Move

9. Tap him on the shoulder and be like, “Hey, do you go to the YMCA in [your neighborhood here]?” Now you can find out if he goes to the gym and can subtly let him know you have your own #FitnessGoals, as well. Guys love to talk about the gym. You’ll have so much to talk about, you know, burpees and whatnot, that he’ll forget how you even started talking in the first place.

10. Ask if he has any good recommendations for some super obscure type of food nearby, because you’re incredibly cultured but new to the area. He will be so happy getting to explain directions to you, and you’ll maybe get to bond over your mutual love for Indian-fusion food, which is just the hottest new dining trend, didn’t he know?

11. Literally just walk up to him and say, “Hello, how are you, you’re cute.” Do men ever get approached by women in public for flirting reasons? Do men realize when they’re being hit on? Make it so obvious. Just walk right up to him and admit to having a crush-at-first-sight. He’ll be so blown away by the sudden female attention, he’ll ask you to coffee before he’s even had time to process what just happened.

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