11 Genius Ways to Hit on Men in Public, No. #6 Will Be Your New Go-to Move

4. “Trip” on the sidewalk and fall into him, so he notices you and you can get an idea about his biceps. It’s so cute to be clumsy, and if he didn’t notice you walking near him before, he definitely will when you’re literally falling into his body. Then you can say something cheesy like, “Haha, oh, it looks like I’m falling for you!” And the two of you will laugh, and then he will say, “Let’s get coffee,” and then you’ll be telling your children how you never would’ve met if you hadn’t fallen on the sidewalk that day 😜.

5. Lean over, grab his arm, and whisper, “Don’t you just hate Mondays?” or some other thing that literally all people hate. Basically just make a statement that no one could possibly disagree with, and it’ll be like you already have so much in common.

6. Alternatively, lean over, grab his arm, and whisper, “Don’t you just think Monday is the best day of the week?” or some thing that most people would disagree with. A true test, because if he agrees with your controversial statement it either means (1) he’s trying to impress you or (2) he actually agrees, and maybe you two are a match made in heaven because who actually likes Mondays?

7. If you’re out at a bar, ask if he’s ever had a Brooklyn Bomber, or some other made-up drink name, and offer to buy him one but actually just buy a whiskey ginger or something. Basically make it sound like you’re in on the hip new drink choices that he isn’t cool enough to know about, then buy him something that all people love to drink, and he will think you’re a saint who’s just introduced him to a delicious new signature drink. This also creates great fodder for date no. 5, on which you actually admit that the drink he’s been enjoying is none other than a whiskey with some ginger ale. Oh, the laughs you’ll share!

8. Pull a Pam Beasley and ask, “Got any new music?” if he has headphones on. We all know how Pam’s flirtation with Jim ended. Do you want to wind up like Jim and Pam? Obviously. Yes. Steal her move and use it on the cute stranger you always see on your commute to work.

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