10 Times Movies Get Wrong About Love and Marriage

Marriage is Boring

Just like human beings, relationships have highs and lows. That’s part of what makes them exciting. If you and your partner are invested in and mindful about your relationship and your lives, it’s likely that you’ll both experience a lot of personal growth over the course of your time together—and that is hardly boring.

Traveling together, supporting each other on new career ventures, spicing things up in the bedroom, raising kids together … these are all adventures that you and your partner can choose to view as fun and exciting challenges.

Men Always Want More  than Women Do

The stereotype goes that men in heteroδεxual marriages constantly desire sεx from their wives, while women have no primal desires of their own. Although modern women have many societal and financial stressors to deal with, which can detract from their sεx drives, the truth is that women have just as many sεxu∂l needs as men do, which may be why up to 25 percent of women in heteroδεxual relationships will cheat on their primary partner at least once. Which brings us to the next point …

Cheating Never Happens in Loving Relationships

Up to 25 percent of women cheat, and up to one third of men will do the same. With cheating being such a common occurrence, does that mean all these couples simply don’t love each other?

Of course not. Esther Perel examines monogamy and cheating in her popular TED talk, but cheating happens for reasons other than a lack of marital love. A full 42 percent of cheated-on spouses decide to work things out with their partner. The fact is, sometimes cheating happens, even in loving partnerships. Ideally, couples who decide to work through the issue should get help from a relationship counselor and re-invest their time and energy in their own relationship.

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