10 Times Movies Get Wrong About Love and Marriage

“Soul Mates” Exist

We’re all familiar with the storyline: Two people love each other, then hate each other, then love each other again, over the course of years, giving off a strong soulmate vibe. These kinds of relationships, though, actually tend to be pretty toxic in real life.

Besides, the idea of soulmates has been proven to make people in otherwise happy, healthy relationships second-guess their own connection. And couples who consider themselves soul mates are more likely to break up than those who simply think of themselves as a couple in love that works hard at their relationship, according to a study put forth by the University of Toronto.

“… people who implicitly think of relationships as perfect unity between soulmates have worse relationships than people who implicitly think of relationships as a journey of growing and working things out,” says Professor Spike Lee, who led the study.

“Hard Work” Only Looks Like Putting on Lingerie

Hard work can take a lot of different forms. It might mean making sure to clean up the dishes every night before bed because you know that leaving them in the sink will offend your partner. It might mean turning down the potential to find a “soul mate” when you sense a connection with another individual. It might mean moving across the country for your partner’s new job. Hard work doesn’t just mean keeping things hot and passionate.

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