10 Simple Truths But Very Powerful to Determine Whether or Not Your Relationship Is Going To Last

#8. How well you celebrate each other’s successes.

There is nothing worse than being with someone who is insecure about your success. As a partner, you are supposed to feel pleased and happy when your other half achieves something. You are supposed to celebrate it, not pull them down and make them feel unhappy about it.

#9. How much space you give each other.

This is an extremely important one. If you feel the need to be around your partner 24/7, then neither of you is getting the time you need to miss each other. Even the longest lasting marriages are made not from constant togetherness, but rather from the ability to give each other space and time to reflect and contemplate, to let things go and to learn how to be better by doing something they love, such as a hobby or reading. There is evolution in solitude.

#10. How well you grow together.

This is an essential one for long-term relationships. If one person is growing faster than the other, inevitably they will part ways. If you see yourself evolving faster than your other half, the relationship simply will not last much longer.

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