10 Huge Ways Flirting Changed From 2007 to 2018, According to Study

9. Proving you have so many friends.

To successfully woo a crush, you always need a little help from your friends. Nowadays, you are blessed with plenty of ways to show off how alive and well your social life is. You even have a choice between a stand-alone party gram or a fleeting series of Snaps. But in 2007, you had to organize and upload an entire album of your mall hang/weekend sleepover, with a clever name and everything, to prove you were cool. Impressing your crush was actual work.

10. Sending something when you have nothing to say.

You’d post a poorly designed, probably kind of offensive “bumper sticker” on their wall when you drew a blank on actual conversation topics. Today’s iteration of that is definitely Bitmojis, which at least are flattering cartoon versions of yourself and have beautifully on-the-nose options like “sexy time.” Society has progressed.

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