10 Huge Ways Flirting Changed From 2007 to 2018, According to Study

3. Starting a conversation.

OK, but for real: How did so many of us agree to publicly write back-and-forth paragraphs on each other’s walls, for friends and frenemies alike to judge and decode? Thankfully, now we just slide into each other’s DMs like fucking normal people who appreciate a modicum of privacy in our quest to hook up.

4. Making sure they know they’re special to you.

Back in the day, you’d add them to your top eight to say, “Psssssst, you’re kind of important to me.” Done. Easy. Today, proving that you’re real friends and possibly more is a more engaging task done by keeping up a Snapchat streak. You have to send one every day, and they do too, or it breaks and so does all hope of an eventual relationship. No pressure though!

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