10 Flirty Moves That Girls Think Are Cute But Guys Hate

#9 Trying to talk about a guy’s interests and failing. Most men think it’s cute when girls like the same things they do. When a girl tries very hard to look like she likes the same stuff, it totally backfires. Men want you to ask and learn about their interests. They don’t want you to dish out facts and statistics, without knowing what the hell you are talking about.

#10 Guilt-tripping. Pouting and huffing may be cute to look at, but men look at it as a mentally taxing power play. Even if all you want is a little bit of attention, most guys resent the fact that you’re guilt-tripping them for it. Your little tantrum just ends up ruining their night – and yours as well, if they don’t give in to you.

If you really want a guy to like you, we suggest being honest and straightforward about it. If a guy doesn’t like you, it’s better to find out about it from the source, as opposed to discovering it from a failed attempt at flirting. Rather than trying to flirt with guys using immature and outdated methods, try doing it the normal way – by being nice and approachable. 

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