10 Flirty Moves That Girls Think Are Cute But Guys Hate

#4 Incessant hair-flipping. I’m talking about hair-flipping as a mannerism. It’s distracting. It looks pretentious. It ruins the food on the table. It hurts when it hits a guy’s face. Unless you’re in a shampoo commercial, try to hold back the hair-flipping unless absolutely necessary.

#5 Playful pinching, punching, slapping, etc. You think it looks cute when you do that? Hell. No. Guys don’t say it out loud, but they absolutely hate it when girls physically hurt them in public or otherwise. Pain is pain no matter who inflicts it. Can you imagine the amount of self-control it takes to keep from “playfully” hitting or slapping you back?

#6 Batting their eyelashes. It’s cute, in theory, but most guys are disconcerted with girls who bat their eyelashes constantly. It’s a one-time move, not a quirky attribute you can own up to. It usually looks like you have something in your eye, and a guy can’t help but want to blow some air into it. Most of the time, this move can be distracting instead of enticing.

#7 Following guys around. You’re not in second grade anymore. If you keep following a guy around, it will only annoy them. The worst that could happen is that they will see right through your ploy and pity you for being so desperate and needy. Stop following guys around, and just say what’s on your mind. Remember that there is a pretty thin line between being an admirer and a stalker.

#8 Eating out of guys’ plates. Ladies, ask first or wait until a guy offers you their food. There is just something iffy about a person suddenly taking food out of your plate. If you’ve been dating for a while, it’s usually okay. When you do this with someone you’re not intimate with, it could end pretty badly.

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