10 Flirty Moves That Girls Think Are Cute But Guys Hate

Flirty moves that guys hate

Admittedly, these moves used to work on the simplest of minds, but people have more depth these days. Superficiality is only reserved for modern-day hook-ups and casual affairs. If you really want to reel in a guy for a possible relationship, we advise you to avoid doing these flirty moves:

#1 Arranging your boobs. This is only okay if it’s an emergency. There will always be a bathroom within a 50-meter radius, or at least a dark, secluded corner where you can put your girls back in their place.

Arranging your boobs in public shows a lack of class and social etiquette. Not only that, but guys do not find that sexy at all. When you do start cupping yourself and moving your boobs around, it actually makes them feel as awkward as the old couple sitting behind you.

#2 Licking your lips suggestively. Licking your lips for esthetic purposes is pleasing. Licking your lips as if your date is a huge bowl of ice cream is not. Most of the time, that move scares guys into thinking you are going to mow them down and eat them alive once you’re alone together. It can be enticing sexually, but it is usually discomforting in a social setting.

#3 Asking for help when it’s not needed. The damsel-in-distress routine is pretty overrated these days. Guys want to help you when you really need them or if it feels like the right thing to do. Acting as if a simple problem is an emergency will turn them off at the thought of helping you.

Guys like women who are independent enough to take care of themselves, but are also not too proud to ask for help when they really need it.

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