10 Flirty Moves That Girls Think Are Cute But Guys Hate

#1 Eye contact. You start by catching a man’s eye. Hold it for a second. Look away. Catch his eye again, but this time for a few seconds longer. Works every time.

#2 Buying him a drink. Getting a free drink does not emasculate a man. They actually welcome it! Not only are they being pampered by a potential female partner, you have also given them a green light, which means the probability of being rejected by you is at its slimmest.

#3 Complimenting them. Men are inherently proud beings. If you compliment them on ANYTHING at all, they will love it.

#5 Smile. This is the best flirty move ever invented. A smile can show a multitude of positive emotions like warmth, friendliness, openness and even sultriness.

Those are pretty basic, and every person in the world knows that these methods work. But some women feel like they are still lacking, even with these moves at their disposal. This leads them to do more incorrigible things that men find awkward at the best of times, and pretty annoying at their worst.

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