10 Flirty Moves That Girls Think Are Cute But Guys Hate

Women have their share of flirty moves to reel men in, but do those moves really work? Here’s our take on the flirty moves that annoy guys the most.

Seduction is an art that has made a profitable impact on today’s society. There are numerous books, shows and articles that teach men and women the art of flirting. There are ways to flirt to get into a serious relationship, and there are ways to do it just to get some booty – female or otherwise.

How do people flirt?

What really constitutes as proper flirting? Is there a set of rules that people should adhere to? Or should people just go with the flow and see what works? For women, flirting is usually unnecessary, because men are more likely to initiate it. There are times, however, when a woman needs to do the flirting.

When a girl feels like she’s not getting enough attention, she will turn to drastic measures that may or may not work, just to get a guy that she likes. Those moves are borne out of the media’s influence and the environment in which they are accustomed to.

Some flirty moves are limited only to a specific age bracket. Some moves can only be done by professional women. Some moves aren’t even allowed in some cultures and religions. There are thousands of ways a woman can flirt, but some moves are timeless.

Here are some of those most famous and effective moves:

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