10 Extreme Bodybuilders Who Gave The Sport A Bad Name

7. Sally McNeil

When bodybuilders fall in love, it can be incendiary—and it certainly was for Sally and Ray McNeil. After a long, volatile relationship, Sally had finally had it with Ray’s cheating and beatings, and on Valentine’s Day in 1995, she put an end to it. She grabbed a shotgun, blasted him in the belly, reloaded, and shot him in the head. She claims that she hadn’t been taking steroids at the time; Ray’s post-mortem found five different drugs in his system. Sally received a 19 years to life sentence for killing Ray.

8. Moustafa Ismail

He’s the Guinness World Record holder for biggest biceps at 31 inches. Think about that the next time you buy pants: the man needs 31-inch shirt sleeves. Although he claims to eat seven pounds of protein every day to maintain his massive biceps, rumors that he achieved the world record using Synthol, not natural physique, continue to dog him.

9. Ruben Arzu

A California couple lived through an absolute nightmare when they returned from a party to find 300-pound Ruben Arzu naked on their front lawn. Arzu savagely beat the pair, and after neighbors cornered him, responding police tried twice to Taser him to no avail. Four officers managed to subdue and handcuff him—with four sets of cuffs.

10. Bertil Fox

Two-time Mr. Universe Bertil Fox had retired from competition and started his own gyms in his native St. Kitts when he got into trouble. After building a career on steroids, one day in 1997 the man nicknamed Brutal walked into his former girlfriend’s mother’s dress shop and shot and killed both of the women. In court he claimed it was an accidental shooting when his former girlfriend tried to take away his gun.

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