10 Medically Unexplained Mental Illnesses Will Make You Think Your Family Members Are Impostors

Your brain is a complex organ that is constantly working to keep you functioning and alive. It keeps you walking, talking, and just being human. However, we all know that things can go wrong with the brain. In fact, 18.2 percent of us suffer from some form of mental illness every year.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. But you may not have heard of the conditions described below, which can alter the way you perceive the world or even make you think that your family members are impostors.

10. Akinetopsia

Everyone knows about the common condition known as color blindness, so you may find it relatively easy to understand what it’s like to be missing some or all colors from your vision. But can you imagine losing your ability to see motion?

This is called akinetopsia. One of the few known patients, a mother referred to as “Patient LM,” was diagnosed with the condition in 1978 at 43 years old. To her, the world looks like she’s watching a movie but only seeing a frame every so often.[1]

Patient LM was first admitted to the hospital with complaints of severe headaches. She had suffered a stroke which resulted in damage to her middle temporal visual area (MT or V5). This region of the brain is believed to be responsible for perceiving motion. Fortunately, she retained all other visual abilities, such as depth and color perception.

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