10 Beauty Hacks That Are Worth The Hype & 10 That Should Be Canned

We know how important it is to have all the information before diving into a new beauty hack.

There are always new and exciting beauty hacks that do the rounds on the internet, and which beauty lovers everywhere want to try for themselves. But sometimes these so-called “clever tips” can actually be really harmful to your skin. There have been many reports of people trying out trendy beauty DIY tutorials and ending up hurting their skin, such as when it came to the Kylie Jenner pout challenge that left people with bruises. Just don’t do it! It can be confusing for anyone interested in beauty hacks to know which makeup and skincare tips are worth it and safe, and which ones are best not to touch with a 10-foot pole. So, with that in mind, we aim to set the record straight. If you’re going to try any beauty hacks, at least try the 10 in this article that experts claim are good for you. As for the other 10 in this list, avoid them at all costs! Not only will they probably not work in the way they claim (such as the classic egg face mask to tighten up your skin), but they might also be bad news (salmonella, anyone? I didn’t think so!).

20. To Try: Applying Mascara With A Business Card

Recently, there was a big fuss made about how it’s a good idea to master your eyeliner with the use of tape. Don’t go there – it’s a painful way to try to get cat eyes. Thankfully, there are some more useful and pain-free ways to achieve stunning eye makeup. When applying mascara to lengthen and add volume to your lashes, for example, all you need to get the look down is a business card. Let’s be honest: sometimes you’re applying mascara in a rush and you get it onto your upper or lower eyelids.

This is such a hassle if you’ve already done your eyeshadow because it means you have to try to dab and rub at the mascara spills without ruining your other eye makeup.

If you’re using waterproof mascara, it’s even more of a nightmare to try to remove. You can prevent this from happening by gently propping a business card behind your lashes before you coat them with mascara. This enables you to catch all the mess and any excess product that can later fleck and melt its way down onto your cheeks, especially in the case of lower-eyelid lashes – not a good look! This hack is great because it’s so easy to do. You’ll get dramatic eyelashes without the drama to achieve them.

19. To Avoid: Exfoliating Your Skin With Baking Soda

Baking soda has become a sort of miracle ingredient in DIY beauty hacks, but what many people don’t realize is that it can be really harmful to the skin. As celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Dendy Engelman tells SELF magazine, “Baking soda can affect the pH level of your skin. Your skin is naturally acidic, and baking soda is highly alkaline, thus disrupting your skin barrier and its acidic mantle. When the acid mantle is disrupted, skin is more prone to irritation, breakouts, and superficial infections.” Yikes!

Healthline also reports that baking soda is a common culprit for skin redness, burning of the skin, and even armpit rashes when it’s been used in homemade DIY deodorant recipes. This is proof that baking soda can be quite irritating to the skin on the body. Now, if it’s that harsh on body skin, imagine how much worse it can be when used on your face? The skin on your face is thinner and therefore more delicate than the skin found on the rest of your body, so it needs to be treated with lots of gentle TLC. Avoid anything too harsh, such as baking soda. Remember: just because an ingredient is found in your kitchen cupboard, it doesn’t mean it’s safe.

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